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to help (out): aider
Could you help me pick out a tie? Pouvez-vous m'aider à choisir une cravate?
to help someone out aider quelqu'un
(I need) help!: (J'ai besoin) d'aide !
Could I be of any help to you? Puis-je me rendre utile?
helpful: utile, serviable
This information isn't very helpful Cette information n'est pas très utile.


  • "But before I tell you about it, you must promise me that you will help me."
  • "England needs your help."
  • "And he's helping us with our paper recycling system. He's very efficient at chewing confidential financial reports."
  • "Brian : Bruno, sir, if you want me to help you find the perfect date, you should start by telling me what you're looking for in a lover."
  • "You need help!"
  • "Will you help me, Brian and Philip?"
  • "Donna : I could help you write it if you want."
  • "Someone has to help me"
  • "He's currently exiled from heaven so he is available to help us bring the music back to Delavigne."
  • "Please listen to his advice and remember: he's here to help (and hopefully impress people in high places)."

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