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Here we are!: Nous voilà !


  • "Ah, here we are: It is my desire to bequeath the football club, Real Fudgenudge FC, to my grandson."
  • "Horatio : Joan Wayne, here we are at the famous Sydney Opera House."
  • "Yep, here we are, Delavigne Corporation, I've actually got a note here to call you."
  • "Philip : Well, here we are, troops: Horatio's laboratory."
  • "Bruno : Well boys, here we are: Illuminati headquarters."
  • "Tantra : Here we are."
  • "Horatio : Well here we are!"
  • "Ah yes, here we are."
  • "Philip : So, here we are in the restaurant."
  • "Dr. Gilchrist : Here we are, room 66!"

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