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here's (my number): voici (mon numéro de téléphone)
Here are the reports you wanted. Voici les rapports que tu voulais.


  • "Here is my status report on the robots"
  • "Here are some questions for those of you aged under 25: What do the letters "LP" stand for?"
  • "For example, here's my song for Europe."
  • "I know you are quite a forgetful diary, so here's a recap of the current situation"
  • "Bruno : Here's your soup, Papi."
  • "Here's one which will make your head explode."
  • "Here is my assessment of your issues following our brief encounter."
  • "Here's a quick summary of facts about aliens"
  • "Here's their new, annoyingly catchy hit: Bacon and eggs!"
  • "Here is the chicken you'll be enjoying tonight."

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