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to hire: embaucher, engager
a hiring, a hire: une embauche, un engagement
for hire louable, à louer


  • "You CANNOT take pregnancy - real or imagined - into account when hiring and firing!"
  • "Krazy Gidyon : Krazy Gidyon is always hiring."
  • "If anyone is interested in more hiring training, I can organize a training session."
  • "Subject: DC hiring policy"
  • "It has recently come to my attention that some of you aren't up-to-date on the hiring policy here at the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "If not, just have fun reading the official hiring policy document when it arrives."
  • "One of the biggest minefields for companies during the hiring process is blunders made by inexperienced managers."
  • "In fact we will be hiring."
  • "Our HR Department has just recently issued a hiring freeze, meaning that I won't be hiring a Personal Assistant at all."
  • "I'm sick of the hirings, I'm sick of the firings."

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