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to hop: sauter, faire des bonds
I hopped onto the subway. J'ai sauté dans le métro.
to hop in (or "into") a cab, to hop on (or "onto") a bus: sauter dans un taxi, monter dans un bus

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm just going to hop on the bus to visit the shops.
US: I hold the world record for hopping on one leg.


  • "Hop in! Jean : Thank you."
  • "Hop in it and take it about two miles down the trail, and then you'll see the guesthouse on your right."
  • "I've been known to hop around a little bit myself."
  • "They look quite blasé, just hopping around."
  • "All day long he plays video games, listens to hip hop music, downloads "adult" films on his computer, and smokes strange cigarettes in his room."
  • "Kevin : It's fine, I'll just hop into a cab."
  • "Did you know, kangaroos are the only large animals to hop as a means of locomotion?"
  • "Bus driver : Then we're good to go! Hop on!"

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