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a hut: une hutte, un cabanon
Note that Jabba The Hut is not actually a "hut" (a small house), but rather the name of an alien species in the Star Wars universe.
For several years I lived in a hut in downtown New York. J'ai vécu plusieurs années dans un cabanon dans le centre ville de New York.


  • "We've had to lock the door to his hut, I'm afraid."
  • "I must say that I doubt that Philip Cheeter would ever take it upon himself to contact the CEO of the Perfume Hut if he had a problem with one of their buyers."
  • "Brian : So we were trapped in the hut, but we solved your riddle, and then we used your tunnel to..."
  • "Buyer, Perfume Hut Ltd"
  • "The Perfume Hut"
  • "I plan to step down from my position as principal buyer for the Perfume Hut immediately."
  • "According to my research, the Perfume Hut has recently filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy, which comes as no surprise to me."
  • "I should let you know that the Perfume Hut is already preparing to empty its shelves of all Delavigne products."

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