Traduction I must admit

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I must admit that...: je dois reconnaître que, je dois avouer...
I must admit that I am very impressed, you can get dressed now Je dois admettre que je suis très impressionné, tu peux t'habiller maintenant.


  • "I must admit that I have some concerns about the budget."
  • "I must admit I'm curious to know what's on your mind, but I suppose I'll have to wait until I arrive in Texas to find out."
  • "Susie : Mr. Mayor, I must admit I'm flattered, even a little curious, but this is neither the time nor the place for-"
  • "And I must admit I was truly impressed by the results of his brainstorming sessions."
  • "Polly : Well Luna, I must admit, you're never at a loss for ideas."
  • "As I get older, however, I must admit, my feelings on family have changed, rather dramatically in fact."

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