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Traduction If you want

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if you want, if you like: si tu veux, si vous voulez


  • "We could go over it now if you like?"
  • "I could lend it to you if you like."
  • "Philip will be traveling by company car in order to save on airfare, so you can consider this a 'business road trip' if you like."
  • "Brian : Well, I can take a look at it if you like."
  • "and if you like to invest liquid assets"
  • "I want to give you the moon and the stars and the sun, and I want to get you a small planet if you want!"
  • "If you want to increase your IQ..."
  • "I can arrange an appointment with an officer right now if you like."
  • "Waiter : If you want to stay, you must sing."
  • "Shoshana : Uh, Youri want to know if you're comfortable...if you want "drinky drinky"?"

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