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in any case, in any event: de toute façon, en tout cas, quoi qu'il arrive
In any case, I will be working late tonight. De toute façon, je travaillerai tard ce soir.
Someone will be at the office this weekend in any event, so you can call anytime. Quoi qu'il arrive, il y aura quelqu'un au bureau ce week-end, tu peux donc appeler quand tu veux.


  • "In any case, I've booked you a ticket to Alaska for tomorrow."
  • "In any case, I prefer to discuss this matter directly with their creator."
  • "In any case, his efficiency is incredible, as you can see from the charts I have included in my report."
  • "Scott : In any case, there's an important factor that you should consider."
  • "In any case, I'd like to introduce you to someone I think you all know, who's also a wizard at dodgeball."
  • "In any case, I think you have a misconception that publicity and helping the environment are mutually exclusive!"
  • "In any case, to respond to your remark, yes our forecast was a bit off the mark."
  • "In any case, destroying your computer sounds a bit extreme."
  • "In any case, it is always a pleasure doing business with you and your team and I look forward to our next meeting."

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