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in fact: en fait, effectivement, en effet


  • "As requested, I've done a bit of research on your father Stephen Moon, and it turns out that he is in fact a gold miner living in Fairbanks, Alaska."
  • "In fact, Philip, you were a really disgusting, perverted, sick brother."
  • "Jean : In fact, I have a different proposal to... propose you."
  • "In fact, tall is large."
  • "In fact, just this morning, I got my head stuck in the doors of a train."
  • "In fact, maybe one day... you'll work for me!"
  • "Do you have any idea why Miss Susan Bliss might have had reason to believe that you were in fact gay?"
  • "In fact, you're as bad as some of my speech therapy patients."
  • "In fact, I'm in a bit of a bind."
  • "As I get older, however, I must admit, my feelings on family have changed, rather dramatically in fact."

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