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(to be in) mourning: (être) en deuil
I am wearing black because I am in mourning. My imaginary friend just died. Je suis habillée en noir car je suis en deuil. Mon ami imaginaire vient de mourir.
to mourn (a friend, a friend's death): pleurer (la mort d'un ami), regretter (un ami)


  • "Oh yes, also, we mourn the passing of another man, Horatio Oléré, a frequently-naked Shaman that yelled a lot and was really mean to everyone."
  • "Today we mourn a man who never had a chance to confess the love he clearly felt for me, his loyal, charismatic special assistant."
  • "Reverend : Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to mourn the passing of Philip Cheeter, sadly eaten by a bear before his time."
  • "I know that you are in mourning and that this is a difficult time for you."
  • "Though I am still mourning Stink (a period which will last 40 days and 40 nights), I have decided to communicate to you my wishes for your atonement."
  • "Brian : Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Bruno Delavigne, a man who left us far too soon."

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