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in order to (enter this office building, you must have a badge): afin de, pour (entrer dans ce bureau vous avez besoin d'un badge)
I'm staying in Tanzania in order to perfect my Swahili Je reste en Tanzanie pour perfectionner mon Swahili
I walked up the stairs slowly in order not to wake my parents J'ai monté l'escalier sur la pointe des pieds pour ne pas réveiller mes parents
in order that: afin que
In order that is generally much more formal that in order to. In an informal style, we can also use so that.
I have arrived early in order that I can talk to you Je suis arrivé tôt pour pouvoir vous parler


  • "Philip will be traveling by company car in order to save on airfare, so you can consider this a 'business road trip' if you like."
  • "I hereby resign from my position as intern, effective immediately, in order to pursue a new career as ...................................."
  • "Some of us will run away to Canada, in order to escape the draft."
  • "Technique : Dress up like ghosts, monsters and sexy nurses in order to extort the precious candy."
  • "In order to prevent the transmission of diseases in the workplace, I have put in place a new initiative that will encourage people to wash their hands after using the bathroom. I am reluctant to reveal too much information regarding the protocol as it may compromise its effectiveness."
  • "I have used shorthand in my notes in order to save time."
  • "Day 1 : In order to pay our debt to the restaurant, Horatio and I have been forced to work in the kitchen."
  • "In order to understand this complex man who has devoted his life to communicating with the dolphins, we must first examine his past."
  • "There's only one solution: we need to energize the machine with a steady pulse of infrasonic frequencies in order to cancel out all the bad resonance."
  • "I personally pledge to oversee all costumes and dance routines in order to ensure their fabulousness."

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