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inexpensive: bon marché, pas cher
(an) expensive (watch): (une montre) chÚre, onéreuse


  • "I do not have expensive tastes, you know."
  • "Really expensive thing on a tiny plate (seasonal)"
  • "That could be rather expensive."
  • "I suggest making the statue out of titanium – it will be light, durable and won't corrode - but it will be more expensive."
  • "High-quality accessories: cufflinks and watch should be understated but expensive."
  • "", has gone into the record books for being the most expensive LP in history."
  • "-Seems expensive."
  • "Cost: Quite expensive"
  • "Not only are private plane flights expensive and wasteful, but Horatio is terrified of machines, with the exception of his juicer."
  • "That's very expensive."

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