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initial: initial
That was my initial idea for the ad campaign. Ceci était mon idée de départ pour la campagne de publicité.
the initials les initiales
initially: initialement, au départ
Initially, I was just going to take the client out for coffee, but then thought that dinner would be more appropriate. Au départ, j'allais prendre un café avec le client, mais j'ai décidé que l'inviter à dîner serait plus approprié.
(Bruno's) initials (are "B.D."): les initiales (de Bruno sont "B.D.")


  • "So, why don't we make the initial order 300,000 units?"
  • "I believe you use the initials "M.S."
  • "To me, it suggests a perfume bottle shaped in the form of our initials "DC"."
  • "Still, Miracle Juices' founders, Bruno Delavigne and Horatio Oléré, have refused to accept the initial terms of the offer, leading to prolonged bargaining sessions behind closed doors."
  • "I was just talking to Hannah about an initial order of Delavigne goods."
  • "You need to be thinking for the long term. These changes may be difficult to implement but the benefits far outweigh the initial effort."
  • "I'm interested, but I'd prefer an initial order of 30,000 units."
  • "Scientists initially thought that the result was an anomaly, and feared their data was tainted, however repeated testing confirmed that the data was in fact valid."
  • "If you look closely you'll see the initials "XD" which stand for Xavier Delavigne – Bruno's grandfather."
  • "As a gesture of goodwill, and to show you how much I appreciate your business, I have waived the fee for the initial 2 minute and 30 second phone call with Mr Quincy."

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