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an interoffice memorandum, a memo: une note interne, une circulaire

Pronunciation examples
UK: I need to send out an interoffice memorandum about the electrical problems.
US: Susie often sends interoffice memoranda.


  • "Listen, I don't know how you found out about the proposal, and frankly I don't care to know, but you do make some interesting points in your memo and I'd like to discuss the issue further with you."
  • "Subject: Interoffice Memorandum- Meeting Cancellation"
  • "As you know from reading my memo, we're here to come up with a name for Delavigne's new skin cream. Is everyone ready?"
  • "I'm calling in regards to the memo you sent me about Susie's new marketing proposal, the one about the anti-exploitation ad campaign."

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