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to interrupt: interrompre
Am I interrupting you? Est-ce que je vous interromps?


  • "And you interrupted my meditation because-"
  • "Icarus : Miss Bliss, sorry to interrupt you, but will our feedback be recorded?"
  • "I dinna want to interrupt... whatever it is that you were doin' there, but the thing is, I'm not a fan of these stereotypical Scottish acts."
  • "Susie : Sorry to interrupt."
  • "Your television programs are interrupted by hundreds of commercials telling you what to buy and what to think, it's no surprise that you can't concentrate on anything longer than a beer commercial."
  • "Philip : Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt, but can we speed things up, here?"
  • "Susie : Sorry to interrupt, Bruno."
  • "Edward : Sorry to interrupt, Philip..."
  • "The phone call was not unpleasant because the customer was dissatisfied, nor because it interrupted a particularly amusing day dream about space travel that I was enjoying."

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