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to interview, to hold an interview, to conduct an interview: interviewer, faire passer un entretien
to have an interview avoir un entretien
an interview: une entrevue, une interview, un entretien


  • "Bruno : Miss Bliss, welcome to your final interview."
  • "Susie : Yes actually - I'm conducting a few final interviews with marketing candidates."
  • "So, after three rounds of interviews, I've determined that you're one of the strongest candidates."
  • "Susie : Do you remember when you interviewed me?"
  • "And this afternoon, the interviews to hire Horatio's replacement are starting."
  • "I am delighted to say that after nine long rounds of interviews, we have finally arrived at the very, very, very, VERY shortlist."
  • "I'd like you to schedule some interviews immediately."
  • "It was the fastest interview of my life..."
  • "We've been granted an interview with the world famous marine biologist, Doctor Bruno Delavigne."
  • "Are you available next week for a follow-up interview?"

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