Traduction It isn't working

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It isn't working (properly): Ça ne fonctionne pas (correctement)
Does your old stereo still work? Est-ce que votre vieille chaîne stéréo fonctionne toujours?


  • "I'll swing by later to see if everything is working properly, and to begin our training session."
  • "I think there's a problem with my bed. It doesn't work."
  • "Right now, I'm typing on this thing, which is important, and it isn't working!"
  • "Here's the story about that: a couple of months ago, one of our laser printers wasn't working properly, so... so we set aside some money to buy a newer model."
  • "If everything is working correctly, this message should arrive in your Inbox, and not the Junk mail folder."

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