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a (travel) itinerary: un itinéraire (de voyage)
According to this itinerary, we will stop at Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille. D'après cet itinéraire nous allons nous arrêter à Bordeaux, Lyon et Marseille.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Your itinerary says you'll be in New York, Moscow and Doncaster on the same day.
US: It's a very busy itinerary. It's not easy being Father Christmas!


  • "Delavigne, Bruno, MR - Travel Itinerary"
  • "Miss Stake : According to your itinerary, you've been to Europe twice in the last three months, and you travel regularly to both New York and Los Angeles."
  • "I'll check my itinerary and email you my answer by this evening."
  • "Below you'll find a copy of my itinerary."
  • "If the company had been kind enough to authorize a direct flight, I would not have had to change my itinerary so dramatically."
  • "My responsibilities included contacting clients, creating itineraries and organizing tours."

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