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a kangaroo: un kangourou
A mother kangaroo keeps its baby, or "joey", in a pouch in its stomach. The kangaroo is known for its powerful kick and even its boxing skills !


  • "I'm your captain Hugh Wallaroo, and I'm joined in the cockpit by my co-pilot Gus, a super intelligent kangaroo."
  • "" The kangaroo says, "At these prices, I'm not surprised."
  • "I've never seen a kangaroo!"
  • "I heard this great one about a rabbi, a sherpa and a kangaroo..."
  • "- a "kangabanger" (a hot dog made from kangaroo meat)"
  • "Ooh, they're kangaroos!"
  • "Marlene : Here's my first joke: a kangaroo walks into a bar and asks for a whiskey."
  • "Australia isn't all about "surfing kangaroos" and "drunken koalas" anymore."
  • "Or it may have been a kangaroo"
  • "The bartender says, "We don't get many kangaroos in this bar."

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