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Traduction Keep in mind

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to keep in mind (or to bear in mind): garder à l'esprit, ne pas oublier, se souvenir
Keep in mind that I'll be surfing in Mexico for the next two months, and you'll need to sell the perfumes without me. N'oubliez pas que je pars surfer à Mexico les deux prochains mois et que vous allez devoir vendre les parfums sans moi.


  • "Anyway, feel free to use the gym at your leisure, though keep in mind that the workouts are mandatory."
  • "Please keep in mind that there is very little the Delavigne Corp can do in regard to the cafeteria, whose services are managed by the owners of the Treasure Trove Towers."
  • "Please keep in mind that Horatio enjoys the special status that comes with being a Delavigne Corp partner, as well one of the foremost perfumers in the world."
  • "Bruno : Thanks Ursula, I'll keep that in mind."

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