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a keyboard: un clavier


  • "Jean Marron replaced Bruno's keyboard at 12.50pm. Bruno had complained that the keyboard was emitting electric shocks."
  • "I have a bunch of computer equipment lying around here, I'll see if I can find a keyboard in all this junk."
  • "Stupid keyboard."
  • "Again, sorry for the hold-up, and good luck with the keyboard."
  • "Polly : Bob, I'm very frustrated that I am unable to type the letter "e" on my keyboard, and I want you to replace it immediately."
  • "PS Sorry for all the exclamation marks - I can't find the full-stop on this keyboard!"
  • "How's your keyboard?"
  • "I've finally found an internet café with a working keyboard with European letters on it!"
  • "And I want an American keyboard this time, not one of those AZERTY's you gave to Jean Marron."

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