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a kitten: un chaton


  • "Hannah : There's nothing wrong with kittens."
  • "Without it, I'm nothing, I'm a weak little kitten."
  • "Icarus : Well his mom was only two years old when she had him. It's not easy to be a single mom with eight kittens."
  • "Show me kitten face!"
  • "Scientists prove that puppies are softer than kittens"
  • "And finally, in more serious news, a cat in Tokyo has given birth to three kittens who have been judged the cutest kittens ever."
  • "I recently rescued a kitten who was stuck in a tree."
  • "I see your very funny poster, with the kitten on the tree branch."
  • "My condolences for the recent death of your kitten "Princess Sparkles"."

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