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to know: savoir, connaître
I don't know him. Je ne le connais pas.
I know how to swim. Je sais nager.

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I know / I knew / I have known
known: connu
well-known célèbre
(What do you) know about (skiing)?: (Que) savez-vous du (ski) ?

Pronunciation examples
UK: The verb "to know" is irregular: know/knew/known.
US: I know you love to conjugate verbs.


  • "you know!"
  • "How much do we really know about these little green men though?"
  • "You know, emails…sending emails, uh… receiving email, deleting emails"
  • "God : Yes, I know, Bernie, I invented the rules."
  • "We're not all like that, you know!"
  • "Donna : I don't know what you've done Brian, but I've got nothing to worry about."
  • "Todd : You would like to know about Planet Everythingisperfectia?"
  • "Philip : But I always thought that aliens had green skin and big eyes and triangle heads, and watched the XXX-files, and you know, abducted humans and stuff."
  • "Bruno : I don't know."
  • "Hey do you guys know if I can park here?"

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