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a know-it-all: quelqu'un qui sait tout, Monsieur/Madame je-sais-tout
Icarus is a real know-it-all when it comes to accounting. Icarus est quelqu'un qui sait tout de la comptabilité.
Know-it-all a souvent un sens sarcastique :
He thinks he's a know-it-all. Il se prend pour "Monsieur Je Sais Tout".


  • "Techie (Rajard) : Good morning, thank you for calling Know-it-all Technical Solutions, this is Rajard Padmanabam, how may I best assist you?"
  • "But if you take a look at my work experience you'll see that I spent some time with Know-it-all Tech Solutions."
  • "Techie : Sir, if I might be so bold as to suggest you hire an IT consultant, Know-It-All Tech Solutions would be happy to send you one..."
  • "Techie (Rachel) : This is Rachel Witt from Know-It-All Technical Solutions, I'm calling for a ... Bob Kater."
  • "Richard : Good morning, thank you for calling Know-it-all Tech Solutions, this is Richard Smart."
  • "I have just put in a second call to our tech support (Know-It-All Tech Solutions), and they assured me that we would be receiving our repaired server very soon."
  • "This is Rajard from Know-it-all Tech Solutions."
  • "Of course, if you really want it, I can give you the number for Know-It-All so you can contact them yourself."
  • "This is Archibald Savant, Engineering Supervisor here at Know-it-all Tech Solutions."
  • "Stephen : Hello and welcome to the Online Tech Support for Know-it-all Tech Solutions, this is Stephen Genius, executive associate assistant."

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