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L.A.: Los Angeles


  • "Brian : She was on the first flight from L.A. She should be here any minute."
  • "Another thing I've noticed about L.A. is that you have black people here."
  • "Ideally this would take place in L.A. or Las Vegas, but I'd settle for something a little closer to home if the budget won't budge."
  • "Los Angeles is crazy, man."
  • "I'm happy to report that our "sales road trip" to Los Angeles was a crashing success, in the sense that we successfully crashed the company car."
  • "You've made the front page of the Los Angeles Tribune, San Francisco Gazette and New York Journal, and that's just the print media!"
  • "Bob in Los Angeles writes: Susie: How do you balance work and family?"
  • "Lot of beautiful women here in Los Angeles... but not very many sheep!"
  • "I love LA!"
  • "This is obviously a great honor, and a few of us will be flying to Los Angeles next week for the award ceremony."

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