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legal: légal, permis
illegal: illégal, illicite, clandestin


  • "For legal purposes, we deny everything."
  • "Lawyer : Uh, Mr. Capone, for legal purposes, I'd like you to refrain from using the term "gangster" to describe yourself."
  • "The information presented within my self-published book is not strictly speaking "legal" or "admissible" in a court of law."
  • "The placement lasts three months, and the working week is the legal 45 hours."
  • "Luna : First, I have to inform you of your legal right to remain silent, or to respond in writing to this meeting once it's over."
  • "The Delavigne Corporation wishes to protect its staff as well as itself from any legal problems which might result from mishandled terminations."
  • "These records are legal documents and Bruno insisted that this laboratory comply with regulations."
  • "This can become a serious problem when we consider that candidates may have legal grounds to sue the company who interviewed them for compensation due to discrimination."
  • "Downloads should stay free and legal."

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