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(Cut the onions) like this: (Coupez les oignons) comme cela, ainsi


  • "Please, Bruno, a man cannot live like this!"
  • "Bruno : Horatio, it's not right to exploit a child like this."
  • "Not like this!"
  • "I don't like this "Mrs.", it makes me sound old."
  • "I hope you don't mind me contacting you "out of the blue lagoon"* like this (I hope I've used the idiom correctly)."
  • "How am I supposed to work like this?"
  • "Braving the cold waters, sea cucumbers and Krakens is preferable to living like this."
  • "Susie : No, Philip, silly marketing tricks like this make a brand look cheap and tacky."
  • "I always dreamed of seeing you in my bedroom, but not like this."
  • "I'm too pretty to die like this!"

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