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likely: probable, plausible
That isn't a very likely story. Ce n'est pas une histoire très plausible.
It seems likely that Bruno won't be attending the party. Il est probable que Bruno n'assiste pas à la soirée.
to be likely to (do something): risquer de (faire qq ch), être susceptible de (faire qq ch)
We are likely to run into problems if we continue like this. Nous risquons de rencontrer des problèmes si nous continuons comme ça.


  • "You'd better be good though, if not, our expert judge is likely to say: "Don't Give Up Your Day Job"!"
  • "Those same scientists predict that this figure is likely to increase in coming years."
  • "An additional argument is that foods obtained within a 150 mile (240 km) radius of your home will likely taste better than those which have been packaged, flown, shipped or driven over longer distances."
  • "Although all these modes of transport leave a lot to be desired, I believe that the train option is the least likely to make you want to commit suicide."
  • "In the US, the higher a person's income and level of education, the more likely they are to vote."
  • "Some socioeconomic groups are more likely to vote than others."
  • "Likely to decrease the risk of health complications."
  • "People who chronically lack sleep are also more likely to become depressed."
  • "Perhaps you are familiar with 'Smells R Us' because of their catchy radio jingles, but more likely you know them for their many unpaid invoices."
  • "Trial runs in towns with high obesity levels have shown that consumers are likely to avoid unhealthy products if they have a picture of an unhealthy body on them. As part of the new regulations, healthier food options will also feature a photo of a slim and sexy person, in an attempt to lure consumers towards these products."

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