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a listener: un auditeur
(she's) a good listener: (elle) sait écouter, (c'est) une bonne confidente


  • "I work for "South Australian Jobs Focus", and I'd like to encourage your listeners to come to live and work in South Australia."
  • "It's not just senior citizens who dig the sound of analog audio recordings, recent increases in vinyl record sales suggest that younger listeners are discovering turntables and the clarity of sound that they offer."
  • "Well, listeners, we should not just sit back and let these thieves take what they please."
  • "Moira : Gosh, listeners, welcome back."
  • "My listeners need to know what goes on at these parties."
  • "Guys, can you give us some fun facts so that our listeners will never forget your countries?"
  • "Brent : So listeners, I am now inside the party: the first stage of my mission is complete."
  • "Moira : So, listeners, our tour is coming to an end."
  • "Greg : Good evening, late-night listeners, and welcome to Radio Rhubarb After Dark."
  • "We encourage all of our listeners to visit Australia and New Zealand when you have some free time."

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