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to live: vivre, habiter
I live in San Francisco. Je vis à San Francisco
live (fish), living (fish): (poisson) vivant
This restaurant only cooks live fish. Ce restaurant ne prépare que du poisson vivant.
(a) live (show): (un spectacle) en direct
This is the first time I've played in front of a live audience! C'est la première fois que je joue devant un public.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I want to live in a lovely little cottage in the woods.
US: I went to see a live show last night.


  • "Bruno : Maybe I should go live in France with Grandpa Xavier."
  • "Braving the cold waters, sea cucumbers and Krakens is preferable to living like this."
  • "Oh man, this is really livin'."
  • "You see, I live in the United States, or "the colonies" as one person told me in the metro."
  • "You see, Susie, Jenny's living in a fantasy land."
  • "Customer : I can't live without this cream!"
  • "I've made a decision, however, and rather than follow in my grandfather's footsteps, and live his dream, I've decided to pursue my own dream. Ladies and gentleman, I've decided to become..."
  • "Brent : Hello everyone, I'm Brent Vanderplop reporting live from London, England."
  • "They can live more than 200 years, but most of them retire at 65!"
  • "That's where I want to live the rest of my life."

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