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to live with (someone): vivre avec, cohabiter avec (quelqu'un)
phrasal verb
to live with (a problem): vivre ou faire avec, supporter, endurer (quelque chose)
phrasal verb


  • "I live with my mother in San Francisco, where I work as an accountant."
  • "In 1928, Clairette gave birth to their only son Marc, a jazz musician who now lives with his wife in San Francisco."
  • "And I live with my mother still."
  • "I already live in a studio apartment in the city and now I'd like a place where I don't have to share a toilet in the corridor with a dirty old man who lives with pigeons."
  • "I live with my mother."
  • "If you want to live with me, I have a few rules which must be followed"
  • "But I suppose that means you know what it's like to live with a handicap?"
  • "Well, I live with my husband and three wonderful children - and a dog."
  • "I guess they have to like old people too, because I still live with my mother."

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