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to lock (someone) up / away: enfermer, mettre (quelqu'un) sous les verrous
Horatio locked the monkeys up in the broom closet during the client's tour of the offices. Horatio a enfermé les singes dans le placard à balais pendant que le client visitait les bureaux.
Bruno always locks up his important documents before leaving on business trips. Bruno enferme toujours ses documents importants avant de partir en voyage d'affaire.
to lock someone in (a closet): enfermer qq'un dans (un placard)
locked up: enfermé, mis sous clé
Chang has been locked up in prison for the last 24 hours. Chang a été enfermé en prison durant les 24 dernières heures.


  • "Bruno Delavigne! Lock him in his office!"
  • "It's not the first time I've noticed this bike, but today I paused to take a closer look and I was rather shocked to discover that it's not locked up!"
  • "Brian : Bruno, please don't lock me in your office again!"
  • "Leonard : In Europe, if workers want to make themselves heard, they lock the bosses in their offices, then they negotiate."
  • "I've already tried calling you twice, but you must be locked up in the laboratory or something."
  • "You can't keep them locked up in this, in a garage."

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