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(a) long (story): (une) longue (histoire)


  • "With over 3 months' experience in PR and damage control, Slick Brand Solution's long track record in the industry speaks for itself!"
  • "Bruno : I have long legs."
  • "Edward : Perfect for my abnormally long legs!"
  • "Is take the horse by its long brown face"
  • "Life is like a river, flowing down a long mountain."
  • "I am delighted to say that after nine long rounds of interviews, we have finally arrived at the very, very, very, VERY shortlist."
  • "She's like a little person, but with fur and paws and a long tongue."
  • "While we have a long and proud heritage dating from our earliest days in Paris, the attributes of our brand are as fresh and new as ever," said Bruno Delavigne, CEO of Delavigne Corp."

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