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the lounge: le salon, la salle
Smoking lounge Salle fumeurs
to lounge: fainéanter, lézarder, traînasser

Pronunciation examples
UK: Please take a seat in the lounge, before your flight begins boarding.
US: This afternoon I'm going to lounge around the house.


  • "Any unattended luggage in the departure lounge will be removed by the security services and sold on Free-bay."
  • "- DO NOT socialise loudly in the lounge."
  • "If you have any questions, Theresa, your hostess, will be able to answer them if you pop in to the lounge any time between 6.45AM and 7AM!"
  • "Brian : The company rents the entire building, but the fourth floor is reserved for our executive offices, the boardroom, the laboratory and a lounge."
  • "Shall I fetch him from the pleasure lounge?"
  • "I'll see if we can steal the espresso machine from the lounge!"
  • "Say, what are you doing in the lounge?"
  • "Out here you can get in touch with the great outdoors: hunting, fishing, swimming in the lake, and lounging in the outdoor Jacuzzi."
  • "Deep Blue Lounge, 992 Valencia Street"

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