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(a) luxury (item): (un article) de luxe
a luxury: un luxe


  • "Susan : To be honest, I think your reputation can only be improved by being linked to a luxury brand like Delavigne."
  • "She has a large disposable income and a weakness for luxury products."
  • ""Delavigne", that's a French name if I'm not mistaken, and luxury products and France don't exactly go hand in hand."
  • "We're going to relaunch with a stronger focus on luxury brands."
  • "SAN FRANCISCO – The luxury fragrance industry has been rocked by allegations that one of the senior staff of the Delavigne Corporation may be a spy."
  • "A gold logo is worthy of a luxury brand like ours."
  • "Special luxury services"
  • "What should I do with my luxury apartment?"
  • "It seems to me that your spending on personal luxuries is out of control."
  • ""The logo captures these attributes — luxury, prestige, excellence, exclusivity and unsurpassed innovation."

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