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to master (origami): maîtriser (l'art de l'origami)
a master's (degree): diplôme anglosaxon d'études supérieures (Bac +5 ou 6)
a master: un maître, un professeur


  • "I have been instructed by Princess Utopia to escort you to your master."
  • "It's clear that you have mastered the ins and outs of the British pub, so I don't think you'll experience any cultural problems. I was amazed when you stood on the table and sang Abba songs with members of a women's rugby team. While this kind of behaviour may not be acceptable in front of your client, I'm sure you'll go down well with English girls!"
  • "We like to call it "The Master"."
  • "Edward : Uhh, excuse me, Master Glen?"
  • "It seems that the new European president serves two masters: the people of the old continent as well as Delavigne, his employer for the past decade."
  • "The last vision I have, just before I wake up screaming, is the face of the truck driver, the evil intent in his eyes, and the faint smile on his lips, as tranquil as my yoga master."
  • "May you reconnect with your masters on the other side."
  • "Your stunning progress in grammar has risen prodigiously over mere months, and you have finally mastered the present perfect tense, which has only drawn me closer to you."
  • "They truly are the masters of disruptive technology."
  • "Glen : Well, I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, a masters in linguistics, a doctorate in philosophy and I'm a certified yoga instructor."

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