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(a) mathematical (problem): (un problème) mathématique
My friend Heydorff has a great mathematical mind. Mon ami Heydorff a une grande logique mathématique.


  • "And take your freakish math brain with you!"
  • "Zack Fielding, described as a shy loner by his classmates, threw a range of sweets, including jelly beans and candy corn, during a 10th grade math class."
  • "You're like a hero for what you did in math class today!"
  • "And this little fox is Cindy, she's in our math class."
  • "Young Philip : Uhhh, no thanks, Mr. R, I've got a big party tonight, and I don't want to spend all my energy showing you guys how to solve a silly little math problem. But I think Bruno wants to show you!"
  • "Math isn't my best subject."
  • "Bruno : No, no, like business and management and math and dogs."
  • "His name is Ludwig Arkady Romanonovich, and he was my high school math teacher."

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