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the meaning: la signification
What's the meaning of this word? Quelle est la signification de ce mot?
(the) meaning (of life): (le) sens (de la vie)


  • "I've got an alternative meaning for GDP, and this room is full of them: genuinely disgusting people!"
  • "Our HR Department has just recently issued a hiring freeze, meaning that I won't be hiring a Personal Assistant at all."
  • "Philip : I think I understand the meaning of life."
  • "Jean : Edward, what is the meaning of this?"
  • "Brian : Ah, next, Philip usually tells us about the true meaning of Christmas."
  • "You have a $500 deductible on your comprehensive and collision coverage, meaning that Ouch Insurance will pay for any damages above this amount."
  • "Bruno : What is the meaning of this?"
  • "Expect strange shapes, serious faces, and deep meanings."

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