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meat: la viande


  • "Horatio was jailed in the meat freezer for refusing."
  • "- a "kangabanger" (a hot dog made from kangaroo meat)"
  • "Young man : Meat is in aisle 12."
  • "That's why you're so skinny, you need some meat."
  • "I need meat!"
  • "A large slab of meat of indeterminate origin (Ask your server)"
  • "Greg : Lighting barbies and grilling meat... for a living?"
  • "Opera: you get the crocodile meat and that dead koala."
  • "The basic philosophy behind the movement is that eating locally has ecological value: The carbon footprint of Kobe beef which has made the trip from Japan to New York has more of an environmental impact than a piece of fresh meat from the local farmer's market."
  • "Your old meat made me sick."

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