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mentally: mentalement
(a) mentally handicapped (person): un handicapé mental
(a) mentally fit (person): (une personne) présentant une bonne santé mentale


  • "Dr. Gilchrist : The vet you visited is obviously mentally unstable."
  • "We mustn't forget that Philip is mentally challenged."
  • "He's going to check you out to see if you're, um, mentally fit."
  • "Mentally, it's a completely different story."
  • "I find you to be a fascinating specimen only because you're mentally deranged."
  • "Edward Kimberly, and I'm not mentally ill, but proud and lucky."
  • "Wang attributes his success to his astrological sign, and is on the record as saying that those born the year of the Cock (1957) are mentally superior to those born in other years, particularly the year of the Goat (Bruno, you are a Goat."

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