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a Mexican: un Mexicain
(a) Mexican (hat): (un chapeau) mexicain


  • "Harold : I'm sorry Jesus but I don't speak Mexican."
  • "In the first half, Mexican striker Jorge Luis Garbajosa scored on an amazing bicycle kick from the penalty area."
  • "They're watching an incredible display of football between the Mexican National team against the United States."
  • "-They enjoy Mexican food, particularly tacos"
  • "Garbajosa has scored a goal and the match is over, the Mexicans have won!"
  • "While there are an estimated 12 million immigrants of Mexican origin working illegally in the US, we are focusing on this isolated case only because a celebrity is involved, and that's what the people want to know about."
  • "Now we're entering the final minutes of regulation play and the crowd is hoping for one more goal to give the Mexicans a victory."
  • "-They enjoy Mexican food, particularly chile con carne"
  • "Hordes of Mexican immigrants without papers are working for pittance on his estate."
  • "José : We got chicken, carne asada, shredded beef, queso, Mexican sausage, beef tongue, vegetarian, or vegan."

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