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a mile: un mile (= 1,609347 km)
It's 50 miles from here. C'est à 80 kilomètres d'ici.


  • "Mile High Airways: The vagabond's choice of air travel."
  • "Simpson was arrested by police driving at 180 miles an hour with a small horse in the passenger seat."
  • "So one mile is how many kilometers?"
  • "-Going the extra mile to satisfy a customer is a great way of maintaining customer loyalty."
  • "Brian : Jean, 200 miles takes about three and a half hours by car."
  • "100 miles"
  • "Philip : I went camping with my friend Joe in Lake Tahoe, which is about 200 miles north of San Francisco."
  • "Jean : 200 miles?"
  • "Hop in it and take it about two miles down the trail, and then you'll see the guesthouse on your right."
  • "Brian : 1 mile is about 1.6 kilometers."

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