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modern: moderne


  • "Brian : Of course, sir, the new factory in Spain: it's going to be the biggest and most modern manufacturing plant in the world!"
  • "After all, they invented the French kiss and the French fry, two of the greatest contributions to modern society."
  • ""Fashion", "class", "cool" and "modern" are the key words we're going for."
  • "That way, we look like a modern, caring organization."
  • "Oh yeah, it's a modern classic."
  • "Understand modern art."
  • "We're going to the Modern Science Museum, downtown please."
  • "The artist's work is modern, uncompromising and sometimes shocking."
  • "The modern world is full of surprises."
  • "Penelope : ...including "The beauty of the poodle", "Business models for dummies", also "Hair tips for the modern metrosexual"."

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