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a monitor: un moniteur, un écran de surveillance
to monitor: contrôler, surveiller
Horatio monitors the reactions of his lab monkeys to his perfumes. Horatio surveille les effets de ses parfums sur ses singes de laboratoire.


  • "Monitored call turnover"
  • "Okay, and while the system is booting up, we're going to turn on the monitor."
  • "Bruno : I saw everything from the security cameras that monitor these toilets."
  • "A crucial symbol isn't showing up on my monitor!"
  • "We must of course monitor the situation, though I would be very surprised if this "copycat" product had an impact on our sales."
  • "If the anti-piracy legislation is passed, government agencies will be tracking IP addresses, monitoring our downloads, maybe even reading our emails!"
  • "Well, even so, you'll have to move the plants and the flowers away from the monitor."

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