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(I like) music: (J'aime) la musique


  • "BrianBot : What is music?"
  • "I have finished my tour of the company and it is worse than I thought: not only has Delavigne become a faceless, money-grabbing corporation, but it has also lost its "music"!"
  • "For the last 2 days we have had to immobilise him. He has been trying to lick his own bottom, he keeps dancing to the music in his head, and worst of all, he sometimes tries to polish an imaginary teapot."
  • "Music Edward : Did I win?"
  • "Edward : Through music, of course!"
  • "Dramatic music"
  • "You're ready to move on to the next level. Music."
  • "Edward : You've never heard music?"
  • "Stop the music!"
  • "Music. Edward : Golly, I hope it's an orgy."

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