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a mystery: une énigme, un mystère
It's a mystery to me why Icarus is so awkward. La maladresse d'Icarus reste un mystère pour moi.
mysterious: mystérieux


  • "The tree of mystery has the power to answer one question."
  • "while children like dogs because they often solve mysteries in a large van in cartoons."
  • "They are a source of mystery, curiosity and even obsession for people across the world(s)."
  • "Brian : Ah, the tree of mystery!"
  • "I'm free to explore all the questions I could ask this tree of mystery."
  • "And how will I find this tree of mystery?"
  • "Icarus : Welcome to the "super duper mystery solving laboratory", everyone, which incidentally doubles as my office."
  • "First you invite us to a wedding to a mysterious French man that you've never even mentioned to us."
  • "It is time for you to find the tree of mystery."
  • "Questions, questions... what would Bruno and Horatio ask the tree of mystery?"

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