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a need: un besoin
No need! Ce n'est pas nécessaire!
to need (something): avoir besoin (de), nécessiter (qq chose)
(to be) in need: (être) dans le besoin


  • "MacCheeter : 'Cause my breath smelled like coffee, and I needed some cash!"
  • "You need help!"
  • "This dog needs immediate surgery, right Stink?"
  • "I need it!"
  • "Lots of talent, but you need to have the right agent to promote you, otherwise you'll never make it in Hollywood."
  • "(We are here to serve you, so please don't hesitate to ask our crew for anything you need to make this flight more comfortable."
  • "The man replies, "We needed the eggs."
  • "Looks like I'll need to find a new lawyer too!"
  • "Xavier : You don't need to say anything – just please bring me my soup!"
  • "Edward : Yeah, but MacCheeter, tell me, why did you need Hannah's Tic-Tacs and my money?"

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