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New Zealand: la Nouvelle Zélande
a New Zealander: un néo-zélandais


  • "Glenn : Bruno, we're joined by Scott McCully, the consultant from New Zealand."
  • "Bruno is looking at opening a new office for his company and I suggested New Zealand."
  • "I'm from New Zealand – it's full of sheep."
  • "Dr. Gilchrist : I'm a dog psychologist from New Zealand."
  • "No offense, Scott, but isn't New Zealand a little remote?"
  • "New Zealanders and Australians are like competitive neighbours - always trying to beat each other."
  • "In New Zealand, we have black sheep!"
  • "He's a consultant in New Zealand."
  • "Bruno : Actually we already have an office in Sydney which I want to expand, but Glenn tells me that New Zealand is a viable alternative."
  • "It's like 300 times the size of New Zealand!"

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