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nice: agréable, gentil, joli, sympathique


  • "Moreover, the "nice young man" in question has not been seen since he received his cheque."
  • "What's a good-looking boy like you doin' without a nice wife?"
  • "Sure, she was popular, had nice skin, and a pony named Penelope, but really, was she happy?"
  • "After complaining about the weather for half an hour, she told me that she recently handed over a cheque for £90,000 to a "nice young man", and that in exchange he promised to re-plaster the ceiling in her sitting room. I'm no expert on re-plastering, but this seems like a rather large sum of money."
  • "Nice pics, by the way!"
  • "Nice! I will see you later."
  • "Glen : Nice, Philip."
  • "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all."
  • "Youri want to know where is nice woman Susan Bliss?"
  • "It's a nice day."

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